SudokuWorld 1.0

Welcome to the world of sudokus!


  • Many puzzles included
  • Different difficulty levels
  • You can add temporal numbers and also ask for hints


  • Num pad doesn't work

Not bad

Sudokus have become one of the most popular pastimes in the last few years, not only on newspapers and magazines, but also as casual computer games.

SudokuWorld is one of those sudoku computer games you can play without pen and paper. This version is supposed to have about 100,000 puzzles (though I obviously didn't count them all), classified into three different categories according to their level of difficulty.

The game features a generously sized interface which makes it easier to play. I specially liked the ability to add the so called "pencil notes" (small, temporal numbers you're not sure of yet) and also the possibility to ask for a hint. On the downside, I was surprised to see I couldn't play with the keyboard's num pad, but only with the top number row, which is not that comfortable.

SudokuWorld will keep you entertained for a while with 100,000 puzzles in different difficulty levels. And if you get stuck, don't be ashamed of asking for a hint!

Sudoku World is pleased to offer its unique brand of Sudoku playing as a free desktop application. The Sudoku Application offers all the great features of the web version, including:

  • 100,000 puzzles!
  • Easy/Medium/Hard puzzles
  • Hint feature
  • Pencil marks
  • Easy keyboard navigation
  • Portable usb stick friendly
  • No adware, spyware or viruses
  • Only 3MB!



SudokuWorld 1.0

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